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User generated content article

5 Ways Brands Could Make the Most of User-Generated Content

We live in an era where retailers needed to compete with each other just to capture the attention of the well informed and connected consumers. Hence, the need for relevant content that converts is necessary to keep up with the changing digital trends.

Smartwatch article

Tapping Into the Smartwatches to Promote Your Business

Apple Watch and other smart watches now allows developers the ability to start developing and extending their iPhone applications to the Apple Watch when the device is released. Overall, WatchKit and SWIFT look amazing for what they are and provide another route for developers to further merge with the Apple ecosystem.

Globe article

8 Tips for Taking Your Company Global

Being global isn’t just for those large firms that have considerable resources to open up locations all over the world. Now, taking your company global may seem as easy as offering online access to your products and services. At the same time, there are actually some complex issues involved in taking a small business global, involving the need to understand varied local markets, trends, cultural nuances, and government regulations.

Hiring freelancers article

Considering Hiring a Freelancer? These 5 Positions Are Ideal for ...

Businesses are no longer bound by traditional hiring options, where they committed to paying someone an annual salary for years. Instead, leaders can source freelancers to handle the work on a particular project, ending the agreement if they aren’t happy with the work output. They can also contract to work with a person for a few hours, then continue the relationship if things go well.

Facebook business tactics article

5 Musts for Facebook Business Newbies

You’ve been on Facebook for years, you have an opinion about friending your boss or not, and you’ve transitioned from, “How many friends can I get?” to “Who can I axe?” That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you’re ready to tackle a Facebook business page. Using Facebook for your business is an entirely different monster. Consider this your cheat sheet to success.